Anthem Latest Updates

Anthem Update Patch Notes - Update 1.2.0 Released

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After a stretch of silence across all Anthem social media channels, Bioware today released the patch notes for Anthem's Update 1.2.0.

Anthem is making EA reconsider their Game Launching Process

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Acknowledging Anthem's commercial and critical failure, Electronic Arts has decided to change the way they launch games in the future.

Anthem Server Status - Why is Anthem Down?

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Looking to find out Why Anthem is Down? Here's the Server Status update.

Anthem Update Patch Notes - Patch Released

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Anthem's Patch went live today, fixing the issue of loot dropping for javelins other than the one equipped and more.

Anthem Masterwork Drop Rate - What is the Masterwork Drop Rate?

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There's been much confusion surrounding Anthem Masterwork drop rate as of late, and with this article, we'll attempt to clear that up as much as we can.

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