Empire: Total War - Warpath Campaign Expansion Summary


Empire: Total War - Warpath Campaign Expansion Review

Empire: Total War gets its first official expansion in the form of Warpath. Can you change history? Or will you too fall to the white man? (PC)

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New Total War game already in the works, the team "never stop"

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Creatively Assembly have shipped Total War: Shogun 2 and now have the Aliens IP to work on, but that doesn't mean history gets a break from the UK studio.

Already they're digging into their next Total War chapter, which they were working on "whilst we were finishing Shogun 2", said studio director Tim Heaton.

SEGA hails UK internal studios as "bedrock" of their business

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Total War's Creatively Assembly and Football Manager's Sports Interactive are the tops for SEGA, says Europe boss Gary Dunn. Both "outperforming" their plans.

The studios are "on top of the game," and are "very integral" to SEGA profitability. CA seen as "jewel in the crown" of SEGA - has "consistent highest quality".

SEGA focusing on Football Manager, Total War and Sonic series

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Publisher SEGA will be sticking with its "three pillars" to ensure they have a "healthy and profitable" future as a "successful, medium-sized" outfit.

Their 'aces in the hole' are Football Manager, Sonic and Total War with the first two seeing releases this year. It's about "sustaining" their position.

Creative Assembly focusing on smooth Shogun 2: Total War launch

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When Empire: Total War got into the hands of gamers it was beset by a number of troubles and Creative Assembly spent 6 months patching it.

The studio is determined to see fans enjoy a "deep, involving experience" of Shogun 2 at launch, noting that Napoleon was "incredibly stable".

Shogun 2: Total War is "more with less"

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Sega and developer Creative Assembly reveal their ambition for Shogun 2: Total War is to achieve greater depth with much less global scope.

Basically that means by focusing on only Japanese shores they can "immerse" in the culture of the period, and it can be "a thing of beauty".

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