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Planet Coaster The Magnificent Rides Collection Pack Releasing This Month

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The Magnificent Rides Collection Pack DLC is the final content offering that Planet Coaster is set to receive this year.

Planet Coaster Celebrates its 2nd Anniversary with Deluxe Pack

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Has it really been two years since release? Developers intend to celebrate the occasion with a bombastic new Deluxe Pack, as well as by sharing a most curious infographic about Planet Coaster.

Planet Coaster Patch Notes - Update 1.8.2 Released

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The latest update for Planet Coaster brings it up to version 1.8.2 and adds lots of general fixes, including ones for scenery, rides, UI and Audio.

Planet Coaster World's Fair DLC Pack is Out Now

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The Planet Coaster World's Fair DLC has now been released, alongside patch update v1.8.

Spice Up Your Amusement Park With the Upcoming Planet Coaster Vintage Pack

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The next expansion for Planet Coaster is making its way to Steam on 10th of July.

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