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Planet Coaster: Ghostbusters Adds New Spooky Scenario and More

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Planet Coaster: Ghostbusters reaches nostalgia peak as Dan Aykroyd and William Atherton voice their characters from the popular movie.

Planet Coaster Classic Rides Collection and Copperhead Strike Coming Next Week

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The Planet Coaster Classic Rides Collection and free Copperhead Strike coaster will let you spice up your theme parks starting next week.

Planet Coaster dev Frontier New Game Coming This Year, and It's a New IP

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Jurassic World Evolution, Planet Coaster and Elite Dangerous Frontier new game is coming this year, and it's an unannounced original IP.

Planet Coaster The Magnificent Rides Collection Pack Releasing This Month

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The Magnificent Rides Collection Pack DLC is the final content offering that Planet Coaster is set to receive this year.

Planet Coaster Celebrates its 2nd Anniversary with Deluxe Pack

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Has it really been two years since release? Developers intend to celebrate the occasion with a bombastic new Deluxe Pack, as well as by sharing a most curious infographic about Planet Coaster.

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