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Upside down on the zip-zip-zipper...

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Ex-Bullfrog and Lionhead Developers Working On A New Theme Hospital? [UPDATE: Evidence Builds For 'Two Point Hospital']

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Two Point Studios are made up of developers from Bullfrog and Lionhead and will be announcing their new game in January - could it be a new Theme Hospital?!

Planet Coaster Patch Notes - Update 1.5.2

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Planet Coaster's latest update follows the big Anniversary Update and consists of a couple of small but helpful patches.

Everything You Need To Know About The Planet Coaster 'Adventure Pack' Expansion

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With the huge Spooky Pack expansion only just out, Planet Coaster developer Frontier are already working on the second expansion called the Adventure Pack - and it's out this month. We've got all the details.

Now Dated, The Planet Coaster Anniversary Update Contains A Lot More Than We First Thought

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Announced far ahead of its eventual release date, Planet Coaster is getting a big anniversary update in-line with its usual seasonal additions. It may just miss out on the big day itself, but it's bringing far more than we were led to believe.

Super Mario Odyssey Comes To PC Thanks To An Elaborate Planet Coaster Creation

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Since the public release of Planet Coaster around a year ago now, Wasolski has been crafting some of the finest cinematic rides for the community to gawk over. From Fallout to horror classic IT, their latest work seems like a successor to Donkey Kong's Rickety Rails - and it came just in time for Super Mario Odyssey.

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