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Upside down on the zip-zip-zipper...

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Frontier Expo 2017 - Frontier Developments holds its first Expo to celebrate Planet Coaster and Elite Dangerous

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Frontier Developments are in a really good place at the moment, with the successful launches of both Planet Coaster and Elite Dangerous, the developer is now planning to host an EXPO in London to celebrate its games and reveal the next project that it will be working on.

The Frontier Expo 2017 will take place on 7th October, 2017 at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London. The Expo will give Frontier developments the chance to interact with its fans, discuss the future of Elite Dangerous, what’s next for Planet Coaster, and an exclusive in-depth look at Frontier’s as-yet unannounced third title.

Planet Coaster Patch Notes - Update 1.3.4

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Planet Coaster has enjoyed a never-ending stream of love from both the developers and players of the game's early access and beta versions. With YouTube already full of videos showing off people's creativity within the theme-park sandbox sim, it's no surprise to see the developers supporting the title's beta builds even a few short days before the full release.

Turn Your Planet Coaster Park Into A Universal Playhouse With Back To The Future/Knight Rider Content Packs

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Planet Coaster has had a good first year. With seasonal updates adding a plethora of new features and rides, modders and creative fellows have been able to build the rest with the game's simplistic modelling tools.

Planet Coaster's Summer Update Turns Everywhere Into DisneyLand

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Between a few minor updates here and there, Frontier Developments expands Planet Coaster with a seasonal update. Security and crime came in the last one, but the Summer update seems notably more cheery.

Planet Coaster Gains 10 New Cheat Codes - But A Money Cheat Isn't One Of Them

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You can't expect to launch a money-based simulation without expecting the fans to clamour together to ask for a way to essentially rid your game of what makes it a simulation for the most part. Planet Coaster launched last November, and you'd better believe people have been asking for a money cheat ever since.

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