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Measure the angles between roads, now with angle-snapping! Now compatible with Fine Road Heights! New Update: Angle-Snapping Support for Curved and Elevated roads Now includes a distance measurement (in cells) when making roads Improved Angle measurement - Now shows the smallest angle, which should make it easier to figure out which one is being measured. About Angle-Snapping: This is a new feature, and may not work entirely correctly. I'd love to hear feedback in the comments and/or on the reddit post. Hold Shift to snap the road/pipe/powerline that you're currently drawing. If the road does not attach to anything, it will snap to 15-degree increments. If it attaches to a different road, it will snap to 5-degree increments. Known Issues Snapping does not work when game is paused. This is not a bug, but an (unfortunate) design choice. I have an idea about how to fix it, will (hopefully) be in the next update. If you encounter problems with a mod, please try disabling other mods first If you can figure out which mod is causing the conflict, please leave a comment in the discussion and I'll do my best to fix it! Source code will be available soon!

Credits: Oelderoth

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