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Download RFC Dawn of Civilization 1.0

RFC Dawn of Civilization v1.0 A mod for Rhye's and Fall of Civilization for BtS Features: - Completely new civic options - More leaderheads, including Charles V, Gustav Vasa, Akbar, Meiji and Atatürk - Reformation modmod by Panopticon: Protestantism and Catholicism replace Judaism and Christianity. Protestantism is founded after the first catholic civilization discovers Printing Press, and every civ has to decide if it embraces the Reformation. - Confucianism replaced with Zoroastrianism, founded with Monarchy. - Plague disabled. - Carthage is replaced with Phoenicia and spawns in 1200 BC in Sur. - The Dutch spawn in 1500 AD. - The Viking spawn at Oslo. - New UU for Phoenicia and France - New UB for Phoenicia, France and China - Vikings get Swedish dynamic civ names after entering the Renaissance - Religion or ressource requirements for certain wonders to make them appear on the correct continent - minor map changes (removal of peaks, redistribution of ressources) - minor graphic changes (civilization's colors and coat of arms) Contact: or at via PM (account: Leoreth) or the dedicated thread at

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