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3.3.2014 Note using the current SVN TPF Tools (version 0107k) - When replacing textures in DLC files, if the size goes over 2gigs (which will happen with large mods) you will get a message your DLC is corrupt due to the engine being unable to handle files that large. The issue is currently being researched, more info on the official ME3Explorer forums: Base game replacement is still fully functional, workarounds for DLC (excluding DLC install, Texmod) are currently required if you're running into this problem. Update 2.26.2013: I left the .mods up, but they are outdated. I DO NOT recommend using them, unless for some reason you are on an old version of ME3Explorer (i.e. the ones they were created with.) New versions of ME3Explorer have the option to install textures permanently using the tpf via TPF Tools - this is the preferred method. TPF Tool Guide for permanent texture installation. Formerly ' Femshep CC Overhaul ' .mod conversion by Ottemis. This mod aims to make the characters in Mass Effect 3 look higher res and more life-like. I have replaced most of the textures in the character creator, which covers custom Shepard (male and female) and many NPCs. I have reduced the appearance of the hairline seam as much as possible, but it may still be apparent in some lighting. If you are using a custom face texture on Shepard, load that Texmod higher than mine so it overwrites. If possible, I recommend replacing default Shepard's face textures and applying them to custom Shepard with Gibbed save editor to avoid conflict. Requires Texmod OR installation with ME3Explorer

Credits: ELE08

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