Download Bandits 2.3

This is multiplayer mod. Require Mount&Blade Warband 1.134. Mod is done and ready to play. Main features, Player can host a game without dedicated server. Player can play all multiplayer game types (Battle, Siege, Duel.... etc). Bandit factions and troops. Bandits troops has dual skill (Melee + Ranged). Bandits can use throwing weapons, bows/crossbows and melee weapons at the same time in single troop class. Factions, Taiga Bandits, Forest Bandits, Desert Bandits, Steppe Bandits, Mountain Bandits, Sea Raider Bandits. Credits, Op and Vornne. (Description is also available under mod files. There is two files, one is mod and second is dedicated server. Guide is available about how to host a dedicated server in the description of dedicated server)

Credits: x_Op_x

File name Downloads Added
Bandits_v2.3.rar 2 4 Oct 2011