Sins of a Solar Empire: Diplomacy

EU & US Release date: 30 Oct, 2009
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Download Sins Of The Younger Races 0.4202

A babylon 5 mod for the game "Sins of the younger races". The goal is to recreate the atmosphere of the series but to give the player the ability to advance the races from early space exploration to powerful advanced empires.

Credits: 2D Artist: SteinerX Coders: EvilTesla-RG, zRazor (Ronie Albesa), Zvezdochets, Tobias Liebhart (TobiWahn_Kenobi) Modelers: Fileosoft, Koobalt, Timmaigh, zRazor (Ronie Albesa), Stefan May, Zvezdochets, Tobias Liebhart (To

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