Download Return of Shadow Beta 0.2

Return of Shadow adds many, many new features to the game such as an expanded spell list of 12 instead of the regular 8, new unit types, larger horde sizes for bigger battles, upgraded Outposts with defence plots, the new Faction Upgrade system that adds new upgrades to each faction improving various attributes of the faction like unlocking extra units and heroes or improving structures, Watchtower plots for map control and expanding Command Point Limit when you build more bases you can build more units. Structures are also tougher adding more realism and emphasizing upgrades, heroes and Siege weapons. Heroes are also more resistant to regular damage to counter the larger horde sizes and to keep them viable. An enormous amount of new maps have been added to the game (over 70 at last count) showing settings from all over Middle-Earth from the frozen wastelands of Forochel in the far North, to the idyllic villages of The Shire, green pastures of Rohan, the bleak lands of the enemy in Mordor and all the way to the far south and east in the lands of Harad and Rhun. Return of Shadow also greatly expands the amount of factions that will be playable taking it from the 4 in the original game right up to 17 factions. Currently the mod has 6 factions Rohan, Gondor, Mordor, Isengard, Lorien and Dunland but as time goes more factions will be released and added to the roster. Very soon Rivendel will be making it's debut with Beta 0.2. Over the coming months other factions will be added as they near completion. Another new feature for Return of Shadow is the Game Modes feature which acts like submods of the original that will change various things for the mod from the small easter egg type stuff to the bigger projects like Chocolate which takes the game back to 1.03 but replaces the art with the Return of Shadow art, or Onslaught which will give a faster pace and more simplified style with 2 factions Good and Evil. Game modes are accessed via the mod launcher by entering in codes. There are even some secret game modes and various functions for the launcher built in. Adding on to the Game modes system is the Custom Game Modes or CGM for short. Custom game modes are player made game modes that can be launched via the custom1, custom2 or custom3 codes in the launcher. This opens up Return of Shadow to everyone to play with. You could tweak all kinds of things like moving units from one faction to another, rebalancing stuff as you'd like or even something big like reworking the factions the choice is yours. I'll even be subhosting some CGMs here on moddb and over on the forums and the best CGMs may be made official and built into future versions of the launcher. Head over to the forums for more information. The current installation procedure and launcher can be a bit tricky for some before you try to install the mod make sure to read the installation guides which can be found over on the forums or here at moddb. Return of Shadow will have new releases roughly once a month the size and type of these releases varies. If you see a bug or balance issue please be sure to post it so I can address it in the next release. I read all bug and balance reports and regularly update a public list of changes (about once a week) which can be tracked here.

Credits: Radspakr

File name Downloads Added
publicbeta.7z 4 08 May 2015