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Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn Limited Collector’s Edition Revealed

Saber Interactive and Wired Productions have revealed the first details on the Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn Limited Collector’s Edition, which will be released for the PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on 5th June.

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We're streaming Rez Infinite at 21:00 UK time/ 13:00 PT / 16:00 ET! [AND WE'RE DONE!]

It's just been announced, and if you want to see what the fuss is about join us tonight to have it shown off to you!

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Sega Classics Bundle Launches on Amazon's Fire TV

Fire TV users can now play 25 of the most popular Sega Mega Drive titles.

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Best Co-Op Games To Enjoy Together

Multiplayer games don't always have to be competitive. Sometimes taking on challenges alongside a friend or more can provide as much, or even more, fun and entertainment as a competitive multiplayer game. While co-op titles rarely match the overall popularity of their competitive counterparts, the category still counts a number of masterpieces in its ranks.

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The Greatest Virtual Reality Games On PC

Some of the hype around VR may have quieted down and the promise of it becoming the next big thing in gaming may yet be a bit further off, but the platform is still strong and developing, with early adopters no longer being plagued by a game drought. Not only does VR have plenty of titles, it also has plenty of great titles.

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You Have Around 8 Hours To Claim A Free Copy Of Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine

In what seems to be a marketing stunt for their upcoming Tooth and Tail strategy game, Pocketwatch Games are offering up Monaco: What's Your Is Mine for the low, low price of absolutely nothing.

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Rare-influenced 3D platformer A Hat In Time gets October 5 release date with Psychonauts 2 and mod support

The crowdfunded platformer will receive official mods based on Psychonauts 2, Freedom Planet 2, Hyper Light Drifter, Shovel Knight and more.

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Rez Infinite coming to PC... NOW!

The rumored port of the PlayStation musical shooter is real, and even better it's out right now!

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Solstice Chronicles: MIA Launches Next Month - The Red Solstice Is Now 70% Cheaper

If you remember picking up and playing a certain Mars survival sim by the name of The Red Solstice back in 2015, you're perhaps wondering where that sequel has gone off to.

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'A Hat In Time's Newest Trailer Slots Itself In For a 2017 Release

Worried about the silence surrounding A Hat in Time? Don't be! It's coming next year, and there's a trailer to prove it.