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In the wake of EA's cancellation of its open-world Star Wars title, EA Motive's game, and Visceral's action-adventure, the publisher says that it's "committed" to making more Star Wars EA games. At some point.

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The Epic Games Store is live with its first batch of games and first two freebie announcements.

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Need a free game on PC with which to spend all that extra time? Have a look at our list.

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Rebellion expands to four UK studios following the acquisition.

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All the PC game predictions for 2019, including Batman, Total War Warhammer 3, The Avengers Project, Red Dead Redemption 2 PC, System Shock 3 and more!

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It's our Game of the Year Awards 2018! We've got a load of great games here, but only one can win! What will it be?

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The 'World' trailer gives a short overview of how the universe of Control tackles its many anomalous phenomena.

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Developers of Verdun have come up with a new cause to pursue playing their game during the holidays.

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2018 was a big year for gaming, but there were certainly some major disappointments too. Here's our list of the 2018 biggest disappointments in PC gaming.

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Is it real? Is it fake? We consolidate some of the info offered by other users, and let you draw your own conclusions.