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All in all, World of Warcraft is an impressive game that shouldn’t be missing from your games collection. Buy it, install it and prepare for a high quality experience that will make you to forget the daily routine.

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Director reveals World of Warcraft film pushed to June 2016

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The upcoming film for Blizzard's World of Warcraft has some "good news and bad news" from director Duncan Jones. It will no longer be coming in March 2016, but instead will take an extra 3 months and release in June 2016.

It just wouldn't really be an authentic Blizzard release if there weren't some kind of delay. Obviously this extra time will be spent on the Murloc musical number in the second act. It will change lives.

US sanctions halt Blizzard's services in Crimea region

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World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo and other Blizzard Entertainment titles dependent on the studio's service are now 'offline' in Crimea following the United States' trade sanctions on the region.

Blizzard have been forced into switching off their services and informed affected gamers through an email. All subscriptions have been terminated, though they hope to "restore access" in the future.

WoW Tokens lose a quarter of their in-game currency value in just one day

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World of Warcraft's WoW Tokens went live yesterday for $20, giving players a new way to buy play time in the auction house with their hard-earned in-game currency.

Blizzard expected the auction house value of the Tokens to fluctuate, and that's exactly what's happened – the value has fallen by around a quarter in just one day.

WoW Tokens go live today in the Americas, other regions to follow

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WoW Tokens, the new currency for World of Warcraft that allows players to buy subscription time with in-game gold, go live today in the Americas. Blizzard will reveal additional regional launch dates further down the line.

Tokens are designed to give long-time players something else to do with their Smaug-esque virtual gold reserves, and help deal with the ongoing problem of gold-farming.

World of Warcraft will allow players to swap in-game gold for play time

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Blizzard is adding a new option to World of Warcraft that will allow players to exchange their hard-earned in-game gold for extra game time.

You'll be able to buy 'WoW Tokens' through the World of Warcraft in-game shop for cash, then sell it in the auction house for gold at a non-negotiable price. When a player buys your Token, it becomes Soulbound and they can redeem it for 30 days game time.

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