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All in all, World of Warcraft is an impressive game that shouldn’t be missing from your games collection. Buy it, install it and prepare for a high quality experience that will make you to forget the daily routine.

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Blizzard breaks out the banhammer against World of Warcraft bot owners

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There's nothing more irritating in World of Warcraft than to try to finish a quest than another PC suspiciously instantly killing mobs before you can even get a shot off, or someone mining rocks with an efficiency that's almost superhuman. Chances are, they're bots, and Blizzard has broken out a new banhammer against those employing them.

World of Warcraft hotfix makes the Garrison Shipyard more Playable

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The last thing any MMO wants is a region that gamers avoid because it's a waste of their time and energy. World of Warcraft is no different, as players have more or less abandoned the Garrison Shipyard. The Shipyard offers missions for player ships, and while they have a very high success rate, the ships themselves are often destroyed. Additionally, most of the experience earned from the missions go to the ships themselves, and worthwhile missions are a bit too rare.

Blizzard has issued a new hotfix that promises to make the Shipyard a far more attractive place for players to utilize.

World of Warcraft paid subscribers at a nine year low at 5.5M

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Blizzard has announced that the paid subscribership for World of Warcraft has decreased again at roughly 5.5 million users, down from a peak of 14 million nine years ago. The studio had lost 100,000 in each of the past three months.

Warcraft movie trailer dropping November 6th

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The Warcraft movie has seen quite a bit of buzz as everyone scrambles for every little detail on what Blizzard and Legendary Films have in mind for the long standing iconic real-time strategy/massively multiplayer online franchise. According to the Twitter of film director Duncan Jones, we won't be waiting much longer for a taste of something official.

Flying mounts return in latest Warlords of Draenor patch

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Blizzard's decision not to include flying mounts in World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor didn't go down particularly well with players, so it wasn't too surprising to hear the studio reveal back in June that they were restoring the feature.

Starting from today with the release of the game's 6.2.2 patch, you can take to the skies once more - providing you jump through a few hoops first.

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