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World of Warcraft Latest News

Blizzard finally comments on the legacy server petition

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J. Allen Brack, executive producer and Vice President for World of Warcraft, has finally given a statement in relation to the petition that recently passed 200,000 signatures.

According to Brack, Blizzard have been discussing the possibility of adding classic servers for years. The lengthy post includes: answers as to why Nostralrius couldn’t continue with their private server; the reason why Blizzard can’t just create a classic server; and the idea of a ‘pristine realm’, a realm where all the new features that World of Warcraft has gained over the years would be turned off.

Former World of Warcraft developer offers to take legacy server petition directly to Blizzard

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You may have read about Blizzard sending a cease and desist letter to owners of the legacy World of Warcraft server, Nostalrius Begins. If you haven’t, here’s a very fast breakdown of the situation: Thirty volunteers host an international legacy server for World of Warcraft which lasts roughly one year, Blizzard send them a letter telling them to close the whole thing down.

Here’s where things start to get interesting: Mark Kern, former team lead of the World of Warcraft team, has jumped on board with the petition. In addition to his support, he has also offered to deliver the petition to Mike Morhaime (president and co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment) if the petition reaches 200,000 signatures.

World of Warcraft’s fan-built vanilla server is getting shut down

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MMOs change over the course of their lives, and World of Warcraft is no exception. While that evolution is necessary to keep the community coming back, it does mean that the original forms of these games slowly disappear over time. Nostalrius, a fan-built private server running a version of WoW as it launched back in 2004, was one effort to keep the original game alive. But not for much longer.

Blizzard breaks out the banhammer against World of Warcraft bot owners

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There's nothing more irritating in World of Warcraft than to try to finish a quest than another PC suspiciously instantly killing mobs before you can even get a shot off, or someone mining rocks with an efficiency that's almost superhuman. Chances are, they're bots, and Blizzard has broken out a new banhammer against those employing them.

World of Warcraft hotfix makes the Garrison Shipyard more Playable

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The last thing any MMO wants is a region that gamers avoid because it's a waste of their time and energy. World of Warcraft is no different, as players have more or less abandoned the Garrison Shipyard. The Shipyard offers missions for player ships, and while they have a very high success rate, the ships themselves are often destroyed. Additionally, most of the experience earned from the missions go to the ships themselves, and worthwhile missions are a bit too rare.

Blizzard has issued a new hotfix that promises to make the Shipyard a far more attractive place for players to utilize.

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