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Blizzard rewards ten-year World of Warcraft subscribers with statue

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If you're one of those brave, loyal (obsessive) players who've maintained their World of Warcraft account non-stop for the last ten years, Blizzard has a gift for you - a fancy statue.

The studio announced last week that it would be rewarding long-time devotees, and thanks to WoW forum poster Smitti we can take a look at what they've come up with.

Patch 6.1 for World of Warcraft detailed, making its way to the PTR soon

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Patch 6.1 for World of Warcraft will shortly be released into the wilds of the public test server, and leaks reveal a bucketload of new features, tweaks and fixes, including new anti-aliasing options, mounts, and even Twitter integration.

That means you can spend hours in one of the most time-consuming and addictive things of all time while also using one of the other most time-consuming and addictive things of all time. Never leave your computer chair again.

Warcraft movie will tell a tale of "first contact" between orcs and humans

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Duncan Jones' highly anticipated Warcraft movie won't jump straight into the series' increasingly complex lore, but will instead feature a "first contact" between the warlike orcs and their human rivals.

Jones was discussing the film with Chinese movie site Mtime, translated here by ManMadeMovies, and revealed that his idea of what the film should be matched neatly with Blizzard's when they met to discuss the film.

Blizzard unveil World of Warcraft's 2015 plans, "exploring the possibility" of in-game tradeable game-time

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What's in store for World of Warcraft in the new year? Blizzard has put together a post on One thing that stands out is the possibility of an in-game tradeable game-time economy popping up.

Blizzard likes the idea of "surplus gold to cover" some of the subscription cost, just like some other MMOs. Other things for 2015 include "more-direct routes" with flight masters.

Death Knight to no longer require high level character in World of Warcraft

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Blizzard has gone and turned the world of Azeroth upside down as they prepare to remove the once sacred law that, in order to play as a Death Knight, you had to already have a level 55 character.

The idea that you could start out as a level 55 was a huge change for World of Warcraft, but now with level 90 boosts available it's "no longer relevant." The requirement lifts in the next patch.

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