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World of Warcraft Reviews


World of Warcraft Review

All in all, World of Warcraft is an impressive game that shouldn’t be missing from your games collection. Buy it, install it and prepare for a high quality experience that will make you to forget the daily routine.

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world of warcraft · by TOWNIE777 ·

I just bought this game.I played the trial and enjoyed it.There is so much to do it's insane.Blizzard has there stuff together.I like the freedom of doing whatever or going anywhere in this game,plus the battle's are cool as hell.I recommend this game to all.Get the free trial and check it out.

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Patching Problem · by djmike ·

I was trying to install WOW via fresh installation, and i had the worth experience ever.

I cannot believe that installing the game took from me over 2 hours however Patching the Game is taking over a full day.

Developers didn't make a single patch to update the game, however you have to go into the pain of downloading each patch alone, installing it, then downloading the other patch and so on.

There are over 10 patches and each vary between 5 Mb to 1.6 GB Do you believe that.

I guess i shouldn't have bought the game in first place, and its going to a single place "Trashcan" NOW.

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As is goes! · by Deeno0 ·

This is the first installment of Warcraft, and as i bought it from the shops like 7 years ago, i actually enjoyed it, this made me buy the next game on, i am currently playing the Frozen Throne, this is a MUST BUY GAME!!!!

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