Rage 2 Latest Updates

Rage 2 Demo - is there a Demo for Rage 2?

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Interested in getting the game, but can't seem to find a Rage 2 demo? Here's a guide on whether one exists, even.

There's a Rage 2 Legend of Zelda Easter Egg - Here's how to find it

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There are a lot of hidden secrets in Rage 2, including references to other games. Here's how to find the Rage 2 Legend of Zelda Easter Egg.

There's a Rage 2 Pokemon Easter Egg - Here's How to Find It

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There are plenty of secrets in the game, and one of the best is this Rage 2 Pokemon Easter Egg that references a famous meme from the games. Here's how to get it.

Rage 2 tops UK Charts, but fails to rival Original

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Surprisingly enough, Rage 2 isn't selling all that well compared to original Rage, even though it is the superior release.

Rage 2 Patch Notes 5/6/19 - Denuvo DRM Removed

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Rage 2 Denuvo is no longer a thing, as Bethesda's removed all traces of it from any of the game's release versions after a bit of confusion surrounding it.

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