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The best FPS of the year, but not the best open-world game.

Latest Updates

Rage 2: Rise of the Ghosts DLC is coming out this month

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Rise of the Ghosts is the name of the first major Rage 2 DLC, and we'll get to play it before the end of September.

Rage 2 Update 2 adds New Game +, Flashlight

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Rage 2 is getting its second major update soon, adding the long-awaited New Game + mode alongside flashlight functionality and various other improvements.

Rage 2 Dash Strike Kick - How to Earn This Is Rage Achievement

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Here's everything we know about performing the dash strike kick required to earn the This Is Rage achievement in Rage 2.

Rage 2 Demo - is there a Demo for Rage 2?

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Interested in getting the game, but can't seem to find a Rage 2 demo? Here's a guide on whether one exists, even.

There's a Rage 2 Legend of Zelda Easter Egg - Here's how to find it

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There are a lot of hidden secrets in Rage 2, including references to other games. Here's how to find the Rage 2 Legend of Zelda Easter Egg.

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