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Sonic Colours May Be Coming to PC

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Steam may have accidentally let slip that there may be a Sonic Colours PC release for the previously Wii-exclusive Sonic the Hedgehog game.

Sonic Forces - How Fans Are Fixing The Game With Mods

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Sonic Forces had a lot of issues, including poor 2D and 3D controls, bad physics, and bad performance on some systems. With no patch in sight fans are taking it upon themselves to fix all these problems.

Sonic Forces DLC May Add A Secret Ending, Along With Super Sonic [UPDATE: Super Sonic Is Out on PC!]

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Sonic Forces ended rather abruptly, with villains Infinite and Eggman disappearing after their boss fights - is the True Secret Ending being saved for a DLC expansion? If so, will Super Sonic be in it?

Sonic Forces - How To Stop Cutscenes From Stuttering, and Mid-Range PC Performance Test

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Sonic Forces is now out on PC, but many people are having problems with stuttering, laggy cutscenes that are unwatchable. We show you an easy fix for that, and we also put the game's performance to the test on a Mid-Range PC.

Read & Download The Final Sonic Forces Comic, Issue 4 - Rise of Infinite, For Free Here!

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Sonic Forces is out now, so prepare by reading all 4 issues of the Prequel Comic, available right here - including the final issue showing the Rise of main villain Infinite.

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