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Warframe: Devstream 116 Highlights

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Chroma Prime, Rubico Prime, K-Drive, Fortuna, Animal preservation minigame, and Melee 3.0 details abound.

Warframe: Update 23.8.0 Brings Nezha Rework and Deluxe Skin

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The update also introduces changes to the Revenant, according to player feedback.

Warframe: The Pyrus Project Now Live

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Rebuild the long-lost Earth Relay in a community-wide project of supporting the resident faction of builder clones turned militant zealots turned deserters.

Warframe: How to Get The Revenant

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Here's how you, too, can get the latest Sentient-themed Warframe: the Revenant.

Warframe - Mask of the Revenant Update Overview

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23.5.0 packs a new Sentient-themed Warframe, its signature weapon, and some cosmetics to go along with it.

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