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Warframe: Fortuna Update Sets New Player Count Record

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Warframe's major updates seem to keep breaking the game's very own records over and over again as they keep getting released. Fortuna is no different.

Warframe: Fortuna Update set to Release This Week

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The biggest update Warframe has ever received, Fortuna, will be making rounds before the end of the week.

Warframe: Devstream 117 Overview

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Heavy weapons, Virminks, K-Drives, Kit-Guns, Archwing rework...

Warframe: Chroma Prime Access Now Available

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The elemental dragon is now available in its most refined and powerful form, with Rubico Prime and Gram Prime as its weapons of choice.

Warframe: Devstream 116 Highlights

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Chroma Prime, Rubico Prime, K-Drive, Fortuna, Animal preservation minigame, and Melee 3.0 details abound.

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