Download GoldenEye: Source 5.0

Wish you could go back to the fun and exhilarating feelings of playing GoldenEye on the Nintendo 64, but have no interest in trying to rekindle that fire on the aged graphics and performance of old hardware? No problem! GoldenEye: Source is a free online multiplayer conversion to Half-Life 2 built with bringing the original GoldenEye feel into a new generation of technology. GoldenEye: Source 5.0 has just been released, featuring more recreated classic game maps like Depot, Aztec, and Dam, as well as improved gameplay and weapon overhauls, making this the most content heavy and action packed version of the mod yet.

Credits: Team GoldenEye: Source

File name Downloads Added
GoldenEye_Source_v5.0_preload_full.exe 28 12 Aug 2016