Download Faiakes Mod (1.7)

The best mods from our brilliant modding community, the mod mashing genius of Faiakes, and lots of spare time have created the best mod compilation out there. In version 1.7 you get the following, and much more!!! - Buy almost EVERYTHING from any trader. - Have rifles fit the handgun slot! - Have non-degrading Armour and Weapons. - Have reliable (non-misfiring) weapons. - Have side-quests without a time limit. - Be able to carry more (300kg instead of 50kg). - More gruesome blood effects. - Add scopes, silencers and grenade launchers to more weapons. - Better English text dialogues and descriptions. - Better looking skins for weapons. - New music for your ears. - Drive yourself around in vehicles - Darker, more realistic nights and weather. - Have text on the map to know where everything is. - More info and accurate weapon stats.

File name Downloads Added 4 30 Apr 2007