Download Dawn of Conflict - Planetary Conflict 2.05.74 (Part 1 - Other Files)

In the future mod will highlight one - super hardcore fight! ) DAWN OF WAR - SOULSTORM V1.2 (No Steam Version!!!) Description: New Units Chaos Race: Plague Marines Plague Champion Rubric Marines Heretic-Librarian Isador Havocs Dreadnought Dreadnought Word Bearers Imperial Guard Race: General Sturn Clolonel Brom Lord-General Andrew Ornatov Chatachans Tank Trojan Kasrkin Bodyguards Necrons race: Overlord Thunderbirds New immortals Immortals Warriors Thomas Macabee Space Marines race: Devastators Force commander Elerian Force commander Malor Feros Veterans-Assault Squad Venerable Grey Knights Teminators Bodyguards ABILITIES Chaos Race: Blood pulse Plague rain Space Marines Race: Orbital Bomd (no orbital bombardament this is ability!) New vehicles and ork units size,new sounds and music,new interface,new races - steel legion and deathwing,updates campaing,new maps,ect. This mod is based on an all-out war with massive armies, resize, orcs and all the equipment, there are new units, abilities, icons, voices in Dawn of War 2, new maps, etc. mod is changing a lot, from the interface to the wargame, there are new units, abilities, campaign changes, new races - Steel Legion and Deathwing changes the value of technology, many power tools, the speed of rotation of the towers tanks, speed tanks, special cards on which there Tank Factory and Bunkers Mod Team (RTE team): 1.Eliphas_Heir (UltimateYaroGander,Grand_LordWBEH) Team Leader\Mod Leader\Coder\Texturer\Mapper in the mod used content FOK \ POK a big thank you to these peoplŠµ: Dantles (dow 2 models warboss,ig general,inquisitor ect.) CODEXmod H0LLOW,DoWPRO mod Argonaut_DW,Robertus,Dreadnought_17 aka Fedor_Russia,Ezarik,POK\FOK mod,jONES1979,Karandras_i Lord_Cylarne and UA mod as well as companies: Games WorkshopTHQRelic Entertainment

Credits: Red Taurans Entertainment Team

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