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Wasteland 3 Alpha to Kick Off Later in August

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The Wasteland 3 alpha test kicks off later in August, showcasing a combat-focused chunk of the game set at a later point in the story.

Wasteland 3 will be 50 hours long, has a full DLC plan

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Developers of Wasteland 3 have recently explained some things about the game, including how long it will be, and what sort of DLC/expansion plans they have..

Wasteland 3 confirms "no Store Exclusivity"

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According to developers, InXile Entertainment, they're not interested in releasing Wasteland 3 as a locked-in exclusive.

Wasteland 3 will get "more resources" after Microsoft buyout

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Following their acquisition by Microsoft, InXile Entertainment have been renewed and given chance to do their best without worrying so much about finances.

Wasteland 3 Reached 2.75 Mill goal in 3 days

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Wasteland 3 is three for three after it has met its crowdfunding goal of $2.75 million, just three days after the game’s crowdfunding campaign was launched on Fig. While most of the $2.75 million was met by investors, over 14,000 backers donated toward the RPG's funding goal. This means the current amount sits at over $2.8 million with over 24 days yet to go leaving the potential for this game to be much more ambitious that originally planned.

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