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World of Warcraft Latest News

Your Blizzard Games Will No Longer Work On Windows XP Or Vista Starting This October

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Moving forward with plans issued a long while ago now, Blizzard have re-confirmed that legacy operating system support for more modern titles like StarCraft II, Diablo III and World of Warcraft will cease in the coming months.

Blizzard Just Banned World Of Warcraft's Offending High-End Raiders To Issue A Warning About RMT

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Annoyed by gold farmers infesting your MMO of choice while you regularly ask other players for cash to boost them through content? You're no different from them, and Blizzard is about to step all over you.

Blizzard Will Begin Phasing Out Windows XP/Vista By The End Of The Year

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Just like how Square Enix wants people to move away from the limits of a 32-bit operating system, Blizzard wants to phase out relics of the past.

The World of Warcraft 7.15 Hotfix Makes A Few Notable Class Changes

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World of Warcraft has managed to climb its way up to the 7.X set of patches with the release of the Legion expansion last year. We may not have Patch 7.2 for a few months yet, but a recent hotfix brings a few class changes that give off a minor feeling of patch day.

World of Warcraft Token Values Skyrocket As Blizzard Allows Them To Be Used As Currency In Their Other Games

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Whether your Warcraft days are behind you, the days of the WoW Token are not. That shiny coin Blizzard added as a way for rich characters to pay for subscriptions isn't going anywhere. In actuality, it just got a whole lot more versatile.

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