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Download From Darkness - A Balance Improvement Mod

This mod currently features: (1) Rebalance of almost all game aspects: NIs, technology, advisors, buildings, governments, units, event modifiers and much, much, more stuff. You can see the detailed list of changes in the spoiler below. (2) Enhanced rulers: Just like in EU3, monarch stats now have a wide range of effects on countries. In addition, every ruler will now receive 2 random CK2-inspired traits. (3) Improved trade system: Minor changes to trade routes to give mediterranean nations a chance to get a slice of the cake. In addition, trade power generation was rebalanced: A lot more from merchants, a bit more from provinces, a lot more from strategic locations and galleys now also have a little trade power. Trade good prices for Chinaware, Tea, Spice and Fur have increased to make trade from India and Canada a bit more desireable. (4) Unit changes: Several western unit types have been changed to allow for more strategic choises. In general CAV now has more maneuver, so it is more useful for flanking as the game goes on. Some INF models do also have increased

Credits: GAGA Extrem

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