Download Faiakes Mod (2.1.2)

This mod is a brilliant mishmash of the best and most popular mods out there and you NEED it. Changes: Added Bolm's OLMod v1.1 (partial) - Added jjwalker's Float32 mod (v1.5157 + cumulative patch) - Added Moshpit's X-46 Advanced Battlearmor Suit v2.0 (modified, replaces Keberos Suit) - Added Parabellum9x19's Napalm and Phosphorus Grenades mod (modified) - Included save's UI mod v1.1 - Added Giv_em_hell's GhillieSuit Svd mod v1.0 (suit only) - Added YoJimbO's Improved Metal Bump Maps mod - Added YoJimbO's Improved Stone Bump Maps mod - Added YoJimbO's Improved Concrete Bump Maps mod - Added YoJimbO's Improved Vehicle Bump Maps mod - Added YoJimbO's Improved Ground Bumpmaps mod - Added Digital Junkie's bar stairs poster - Added Digital Junkie's custom menu screen - Added Digital Junkie's UAZ skin - Reduced crosshair size by a third - Toz34 range decreased to a reasonable 70m - Toz34 damage corrected (game error, not the mod) to 0.7 and then increased to 1.0 - Toz34 impulse set to 600 (for more fun) - RG-6, you can now sprint while holding it - Night-vision made completely silent. Enemies will not detect you because you're using it (massive difference!) - Managed to get '&' back into weapon descriptions but not in the in-game descriptions yet - Updated the Guide due to more expensive prices

File name Downloads Added
stalker_faiakes_v212.exe 5 22 May 2007