The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

EU & US Release date: 1 May, 2002
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Download Morrowind Rebirth 1.2B (Patch)

NOTE: Apply this on top of the version 1.2, this is NOT the full version! Here's a small patch fixing a few issues, most notably the CTD caused by a missing animation for the Fire Clannfear. There's also a bunch of other fixes. * Fixed several floaters around the Ascadian Isles. * Fixed a CTD caused by a missing anmiation class for the Fire Clannfear * Reduced the speedpoints for the clannfears, rats & dwemer spiders. As it is they're far to fast for the animation to keep up, thus making em drag along the ground instead of actually running. * Added some new stuff to Demmy's Den (Vivec Docks), which was previously quite empty (something which I forgot to fix before release) Also fixed a 100 vanilla floaters inside caves/shrines and other places.

Credits: trancemaster_1988

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