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Planet Coaster dev Frontier New Game Coming This Year, and It's a New IP

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Jurassic World Evolution, Planet Coaster and Elite Dangerous Frontier new game is coming this year, and it's an unannounced original IP.

Jurassic World Evolution Update 1.6.2 Patch Notes - Vivid Variant Stegosaurus Unlocked

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Releasing Stegosauruses into their parks earned members of the Jurassic World Evolution community a Vivid Stegosaurus skin.

Jurassic World Evolution Sales Hit 2 Million

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Frontier's Jurassic World Evolution sales have apparently been healthy - and so have the sales figures for Elite Dangerous and Planet Coaster, too.

Jurassic World: Evolution Update 1.6 Coming This December

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The new update will bring with it new Challenge Mode dino skins, new Sandbox gameplay functionality, and more.

Jurassic World: Evolution Update 1.5.3 Released

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The latest Jurassic World Evolution update brings a number of tweaks, fixes, and new behaviours for the dinosaurs, as well as the first major paid expansion pack for the game.

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