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Jurassic World: Evolution Update 1.4.5 Released

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Read up on what sort of fixes are packed with Jurassic World: Evolution's latest hotfix.

Jurassic World Evolution DLC: What is Available and What Can We Expect?

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What Jurassic World Evolution DLC is available now, and what Jurassic World Evolution DLC expansions can we expect in the coming months?

Jurassic World Evolution Update 1.4 Out Now With New Challenge Mode

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Jurassic World Evolution patch 1.4 is out now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. It adds a Challenge Mode, shrinks the T-Rex, grows the Spinosaurus, and allows you to turn off those HORRIBLE FEEDER RESUPPLIES.

Jurassic World: Evolution - Some Signature Dinosaurs Got Resized

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This dino-park simulator will now be just a tiny bit more true to prehistoric reality, as some dinosaurs were made smaller, while others grew a tad.

Here are all 6 dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution's Fallen Kingdom DLC

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Jurassic World: Evolution's previously announced tie-in DLC plans for the new Fallen Kingdom movie will be free and out on June 22 - and now we know what's inside it! Indoraptor, Baryonyx, and more!

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