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Jurassic World: Evolution - Some Signature Dinosaurs Got Resized

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This dino-park simulator will now be just a tiny bit more true to prehistoric reality, as some dinosaurs were made smaller, while others grew a tad.

Here are all 6 dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution's Fallen Kingdom DLC

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Jurassic World: Evolution's previously announced tie-in DLC plans for the new Fallen Kingdom movie will be free and out on June 22 - and now we know what's inside it! Indoraptor, Baryonyx, and more!

Jurassic World Evolution - What Dinosaurs Can Live Together

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Something Jurassic World Evolution never really makes clear is what dinosaurs can live together - from sizes to herbivore or carnivore. Here's our guide to explaining what dinosaurs can live together and their compatibility!

Jurassic World Evolution - All Dinosaur Group Size Requirements

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List every single dinosaur species in Jurassic World Evolution by what size groups each dinosaur will tolerate, whether their own species or others! All social and population stats for every dinosaur!

Jurassic World Evolution - Where To Find The Fallen Kingdom DLC Dinosaurs

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The free Fallen Kingdom DLC has just been released for Jurassic World Evolution, adding six new dinosaurs to the game from the new movie - but they're a little complicated to get hold of. Here's how you do it!

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